Automatic writting

Agni Yoga, 532. We avoid those techniques that involve mainly the use of the muscles. One’s muscles must express the projection of one’s own will. We do not like automatic writing, because it always impedes the ascent of consciousness. It does not lead to the perfecting of the subtle energy. The main task will always be the development of straight-knowledge. When straight-knowledge has been developed, the dangers connected with the mechanical means of communication do not threaten.
Thus should we always give preference to all that uplifts the cultivation of thought.

Agni Yoga, 533. The traditional ways of automatic writing are imperfect, because a constant conflict is created. The action of automatic writing uses the center of the wrist, but the consciousness also uses the same center, and thus two activities are in conflict, and subtlety of expression is lost.

“Particularly plenty of errors are obtained through the so-called automatic writing. I can say that automatic writing has been completely withdrawn from use among accepted students.” Helena Roerich, 12.07.38

“Now about mechanical writing. This is also considered as a certain degree of obsession, for automatic writing is usually done by outside influence on the physical center of the hand and even the brain, and therefore it is very bad and frequent recourse to it can end in paralysis.

As for myself, I have never written  automatically, but had the opportunity to observe this process of writing in America, where it is very common. This process is different. Some say that they did not know what the hand was writing, others say that every word is clearly imprinted in their brain. Some write with extraordinary rapidity, even impetuously, others calmly write word after word. Some write suddenly changing the language, and those who previously could not draw a very simple obect, outline whole pictures. There were cases when people write from right to left in an unknown language. But, of course, all of these cases are not from the unconscious, but from outside influence. And the degree of “Guardian Angels,” who want to guide and communicate, of course, vary in the subtle world. From harmless and sympathetic to us to enemy power (and of great caliber) which we can attract suddenly. So my advice is to refrain from automatic writing before the adoption of a strong heartly connection with the Teacher. We never know who wants to use us as a weapon! And we can allow such a force and then not be able to cope. So let everyone think seriously before opening to the unknown forces. If someone dedicated to the Teaching and has a talent of a writer, then why would he use automatic writing? The Teaching provides an inexhaustible storehouse of topics for a writer.

Only spirituality and sacrifice brings us to higher achievements, to Arahantship. Having established the right way, Mrs. H. can really help people, but in the same condition in which it is now, it will only open the door to the lower strata of the Subtle World and involve the unfortunate victims in danger of obsession. There is nothing more deceptive than visions of the Subtle World. Truly, partial knowledge or a partial truth is more dangerous than ignorance. So be compassionate, but do not get carried away by mediums and, above all, do not try to see them as privileged beings. […]

…it is a grand delusion to call mediumistic abilities spiritual achievements. That is the opposite of spirituality. Spirituality is the higher triad, namely, it is inactive in mediums. Do not humiliate the greatest value in the world. Spirituality is always accompanied by balance and innate wisdom.

Try to recognise the symptoms of mediumship, which is developed now. Indeed, lowest psychism is not far from mediumship and is a major risk, too. This is why it is so important in every way to  guide mankind on the path of true spirituality and hardening the character in life battles.

So it is impossible to approach the Stronghold of Light and get the true knowledge witohut caring about cleansing your thinking and not thinking to rinse the heart in the sweat of achievement of self-abnegation. Again, all of this is said to a strong spirits. For the weak it is a big benefit if having read the books of the Teaching, they feel some heat in the heart or an increased vibration, which can become established and greatly cleanse and strengthen their aura.” Helena Roerich to A.Aseyev, 15.10.35


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